The Potect Story – Love your Pots

Potect is an Innovative new solution for the pots you love

A new solution for raising pots off the ground is launching on Amazon called Potect. Creator Giovanni Nieddu is a keen gardener and had so many clay pots that suffered in the winter with frost. With this in mind he used his extensive experience in toolmaking and put his skills to developing a solution.

Giovanni Nieddu’s career began in Italy with a comprehensive four year training in toolmaking that covered everything from tool design through to the physics behind the processes. After graduating he worked first in gun making, then relocated to the UK where his role included manufacturing the first-ever moulded fountain pen, numerous mould tools and developing the cutting-edge ‘red dot’ sight for the armed forces.

He now runs a family business called Micro Plas Mouldings and is passionate about building strong working relationships with clients as he was about the technical challenges of toolmaking.

During the lockdowns of Covid, Giovanni got thinking more about the loss of his pots and decided he had to spend time drawing a solution, and so Potect was born. Liza, his daughter who also works in the business said “Dad’s a great inventor and has had so many amazing ideas over the years like the shock lock now used by the AA to secure the suspension on cars when they are being transported. He loves his garden and creating a solution for fellow gardeners was something he felt he just had to do !”

Potect offers people who have treasured pots the opportunity to lift them up with a supportive circle, without being seen like the feet that have been the main solution historically; allowing the plants to drain and thus protection from frost damage. Potect can also be used in the house to raise pots up to avoid staining on floors and window sills.

Giovanni says, “As a family business we are passionate about customer service and every customer is important. I genuinely enjoy creating solutions for people through my extensive experience of toolmaking”

Now available on Amazon, 3 from only £22.99 plus Delivery!