Love your pots like you love your plants…

It’s time to Potect the pots you love

If you love your pots like you love your plants, and want to protect them, and the surfaces they sit on, Potect is a simple but effective way to do just that!

Potect raises garden pots off your patio and decking surfaces avoiding possible frost damage and ensuring there are no pot stains or moisture transfer.

It works particularly well for large and heavy pots allowing the air to circulate around the plants, letting them breathe, limiting ant and bug infestations and can be used indoors too.

Potect is made in Britain from recycled material and is 100% recyclable, Its so easy to assemble and use, ensuring pots are stable, even on grass and gravel

Buy online now, through Amazon, delivered straight to your door, what could be easier than that?

Go on – Potect the pots you love.


Potect your Pots and your Patio

Highly Recommended!

I wanted to make sure I could protect my lovely new patio and gorgeous pots. I tried Potect and it has worked brilliantly for me. I would highly reccommend!

Penny Williams
Potect Product Review